A Great Time At White River Apache Indian Reservation - Book A Hunt

A Great Time At White River Apache Indian Reservation – Book A Hunt

Bear Size 19.5

Record Size bear 21 1/8

Bear Size 19 3/4
Black Bear Size 19 3/4 

Black Bear Size 20 3/4

Bear Size 19.5


The Fort Apache Indian Reservation is an Indian reservation in Arizona, United States, encompassing parts of NavajoGila, and Apache counties. It is home to the federally recognized White Mountain Apache Tribe of the Fort Apache Reservation, a Western Apache tribe. It has a land area of 2,627 square miles (6,800 km2) and a population of 12,429 people as of the 2000 census.[1] The largest community is in Whiteriver.

This trophy black bear hunt takes place in the northeast part of the 1.7 million-acre White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in east-central Arizona.  Several of the top Boone and Crockett black bears have come off this Reservation.  In fact, this outfitter took the state record bear recently.  A tremendous trophy with a skull of over 22″!  This is a high success, low volume hunt with only 2-4 hunters in camp per week. Hunts are conducted over bait in the Spring and early Summer and typically a combination of both bait and hound hunting in late Summer.  Then, strictly hound hunting in the Fall.  Some of the biggest bears are taken are in the Summer when these bears rut.  Due to the higher elevation (over 8,000′) the bear hides are good all season long!  Rifle and bow hunters are welcome.  No other black bear hunt in North America offers this seclusion, skull size, color-phase percentage, bait or hounds hunting style and low-volume atmosphere. Our success on big, colored bears is unrivaled. Over 50% of the bears our hunters harvest are 7 feet or better with lots of color phase bears.  Our hunter shot opportunities are extremely high. Plus you have the option to hunt two bears!  All of this plus no pesky mosquitoes!  Accommodations are included in a simple travel trailer.  This is a no frills hunt.  Hunters wishing a little more comfort can stay (at their expense) at the White Mountain Apache Hotel and Casino, only 10 miles from camp.

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